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Spectacular Scrambled Eggs

The secrets to show-stopping soft scrambled eggs that are so easy and oh so dreamy!


  • 4 eggs (large or XL)
  • scant Tbsp butter
  • salt (to taste)


  • Add your eggs to a small lidded container. (I usually use a mason jar) Add a splash of water and shake them into a fare-thee-well. Make sure they’re good and blended.
  • Melt the butter in your non-stick skillet over low heat until melted. Tilt the pan a few times to make sure the bottom is well coated. (If the butter is starting to foam, that’s a sign your heat is too high)
  • Add the eggs to the pan. When the edges have barely begun to set. Make a gentle swipe with your spatula around the outside of the pan to start creating your curds.
  • Continue the process of swiping the outside and pushing the eggs around on the inside, pausing in between to allow time for the eggs to cook but working quickly enough so as not to overcook them. (If you like smaller egg curds, push them around in the pan and make a swipe around the edge more often. If you like bigger curds, push them around less and with broader strokes)
  • Take your skillet off the heat while the eggs are still a bit runny, add a pinch of salt (or other seasonings), and keep folding as the heat in the eggs finishes off the cooking. You’re done when they look creamy, bright, and sunny.