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Black Garlic


  • Whole garlic bulbs


  • Place the rice cooker in an area with good ventilation (near a window).
  • Peel the outer skin of garlic so that you can see the separation of garlic cloves.
  • Put whole garlic bulbs in one layer in a rice cooker. Close the lid on the rice cooker and press the button 'Keep Warm.'
  • Leave it as is for 9 or 10 days.
  • Turn off the rice cooker, take out the garlic bulbs and rest to let them come to room temperature. Peel (It's an easy process since the cloves are mostly separated from the skin at this point - and place the cloves on a parchment-lined baking sheet)
  • Cover with another parchment and air-dry in a cool area for a week.
  • Keep them refrigerated in a container and they'll last indefinitely