Have a Wonderful Weekend

December 3, 2016

Happy Saturday!

What are you up to this weekend? We’re ..

Coolidge - November, 2016

Coolidge – November 2016

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staying pretty close to home. Weekends after my husband has been traveling .. we always want to hunker down and be together.

There’s no doubt I’ll be puttering around in the kitchen. On my short list? Ina Garten’s Lamb Stew .. and a big batch of homemade bone broth. I’ll also be testing a few new recipes for next weekend’s cookie exchange

— —

Admittedly .. the past couple of days around here .. have been a bit sad and teary. Life .. it’s never short on surprises. One moment you find yourself in the kitchen chopping veggies .. and the next you’re at the vet saying good-bye to your kitty ..


Instinctively .. I keep looking for her. Is she sunning herself in the front window? Hiding in the Amazon box in the middle of the living room? Stuck in the linen closet .. yet again?

“Thank-you sweet one .. for being such a great kitty. We love and will miss you .. so very .. very much”   ~  Love, all of us

Whatever you’re up to this weekend .. I hope you have a good one

Photo Credit: Robert Sturman Studio

Photo Credit: Robert Sturman Studio – Täo Porchon-Lynch

For the weekend .. a few fun links from around the web

Täo Porchon-Lynch – Started practicing yoga at age 8 because her uncle told her it wasn’t lady-like. Today .. at age 98 .. she’s the oldest yoga teacher (ever) .. loves ballroom dancing (her partner is 25) .. and wears only high heels because they “elevate her consciousness.” What an incredible life she’s lived   [via The New York Times]

Related:  I’ve been reading her book

Also related:  What the oldest people in the world eat every day    [via Bon Appetit]

The Complement Project

Do you have a closet full of shoes you’re not wearing anymore? That you’d be willing to donate to a good cause? What a beautiful charity .. Soles 4 Souls. They’ve also partnered with Zappos .. who will pay for shipping .. and give you 10% off your next purchase(!)

The Power of a Dinner Table    [via The New York Times]

Photo Credit: Instagram - @sweetgreen

Photo Credit: Instagram – @sweetgreen

Latest podcast discovery .. How I Built This    [via NPR]

Related:  The podcast I’ve had on repeat .. Tim Ferriss’ interview with Susan Garrett – A master dog (and human) trainer     [via The Time Ferriss Show]

How to create a rainbow in the kitchen naturally (clean ways to add color to our food)     [via The Chalkboard]

48 of Ina Garten’s Best Tips for Cooking, Entertaining & Staying Calm    [Food52]

Looking for your next great read? The 2016 National Book Awards     [via The National Book Foundation]

And ..



With another holiday meal coming up .. in just a few weeks .. I’d love to know about some of your favorite holiday side dishes. What’s the story behind them? Why do you love them? Who makes them?

Please .. leave a comment and let me know(!)

(Featured Image Photo Credit – Instagram – @flowersfordreams)


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