What Do You Bring To A Big City Food Swap?

June 8, 2013

It never occurred to me that one could make such a thing as mustard ..

Until I met Kate

Mustard 11

She brought a batch to our swap in April .. and everyone was hooked! It's incredibly tasty .. the perfect amount of zing .. and I've come to enjoy it on a great many things.

So when we decided to visit the upcoming Chicago swap on June 23rd! .. She said .. mustard .. you should make the mustard.

I balked

“No .. no .. that's your thing .. really .. I don't think I can .. It's seems mysterious .. Plus, I have a terrible taster when it comes to adjusting spices”

“Of COURSE you can” .. she says with her cool Russian accent .. “go get yourself some seeds, vinegar, and beer .. mix it all together and call me in a few days .. I'll tell you what to do next .. but really, at that point, it's all about blending & adding whatever flavors you want”

So it has happened .. I am in possession of seeds, vinegar, and beer .. along with a good number of ideas from scouring the web. To many really .. but none the less

Wish me luck .. I'll let you know how it goes!


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