Vintage Pyrex

December 11, 2013
Vintage Pyrex - Featured

Vintage Pyrex

Vintage Pyrex 10

Just makes you smile .. does it not?

This summer, on a whim we stopped at an antique mall, and I drooled over all the cheery cooking vessels

“Be practical.”  I told myself, “You've just combined households, and you've got cookware times ten still waiting to be sorted through”

Now that we're put away/have given away/and are better organized, I think it might be fun to collect a piece every now and again

Vintage Pyrex 12

So when these colorful vessels catch my eye, I've started to take note, and have come to realize there's quite a following in this world of pyrex love

There are even blogs devoted to the subject: The Pyrex Collective and Pyrex Love to name a couple

Vintage Pyrex 11

But then again, maybe I'll start small

I could send my daughter, who lives in a land far, far away, her weekly handwritten recipes from home on these pyrex recipe cards


Because of my great love of mailing notes to friends and family, I might pick up some of these note cards

Vintage Pyrex 13


Wouldn't a poster of Pyrex look great next to my husband's Chicago train posters?  I think they would.  He can even pick the color

Have the happiest of Wednesdays!


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