The Unfortunate Incident of the Toe

September 1, 2013

This is a fork in the road week for me ..

When You Come To A Fork in the Road 2

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Actually .. probably more like a mini-season by the time it's all said and done

Like all good tales of woe ..

It started innocently enough

Moving boards in the garage .. stacked neatly .. I grabbed the first

The second started to slip

Instinct took over .. out went my foot to stop it .. wearing a flippy flop .. none-the-less


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Let's just say .. I held it together .. long enough for The Chef to find me laying in the driveway with my toe up in the air to stop the bleeding


That was a week ago

I didn't realize what a positive role work-outs played in my life .. until they were effected

Today I had a come to Jesus meeting with myself .. and decided .. either I can focus on what isn't .. or channel my thoughts into something better for me

Photo Credit:  Death to the Stock Photo

Photo Credit: Death to the Stock Photo

So .. for the next week .. I'll do what I can in exercise class .. and instead focus my on my food .. writing about it along the way .. what I eat .. everything .. the good .. the not-so-good .. if I have wine at midnight .. I'll say

Wish me luck ..


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  • Reply Heydave September 3, 2013 at 9:51 am

    Wine at midnight actually sounds OK to me.

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