Test Your Oven With Coconut

October 16, 2013
Test Your Oven For Hot Spots with Coconut - Featured

Any cook who's baked in a foreign oven can attest that no two are alike


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They each have their quirks, especially when it comes to evenness and hot spots

350 should be 350, should be 350 .. but alas

Today, when I ran across Dori Greenspan's article about testing your oven with coconut (?!)  I couldn't help but smile


No expensive equipment required, just some coconut (unsweetened, of course) and a cookie sheet

Within a few minutes, you'll have a much better idea about what the heck is happening as you're cooking Sunday's dinner.

Not to mention you'll have some a toasty something to top of your Greek yogurt or add to your granola

Have the Happiest of Wednesdays!


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