Swapping For Your Neighbor’s Left-Overs?

November 12, 2013

You guessed it ..

There's an app for that

LeftOverSwapApp 2

This past weekend on the Splendid Table .. a new app was featured ..

It's called .. LeftoverSwap

Good Samaritans looking to lighten their leftover load can simply snap a food photo and post it to the app’s database while hungry browsers can arrange a pickup or delivery

LeftOverSwapApp 5

Think Craigslist for left-overs

“Really? This is a thing?”

Apparently so .. a quick google search prompted many an article.

It appears there are a gamut of things one can do under the umbrella of left-overs. Of course, for those that would rather give away last night's pad thai .. pizza .. or sushi .. that's an option.

I don't know .. personally .. that just doesn't sound appealing

About Food Swapping

But I kept reading .. Now here's a use I could get behind

What about clearing out your cupboard? How many of us avoid the task because we can't throw anything away?

A freezer full of perfectly great meals that you know deep down you'll probably never get to?

You got it .. take a picture or two .. and you just never know .. it just might offer a meal for someone who would have gone hungry that night.


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