Surprising Results For White Wine Drinkers

October 18, 2013

Happy Friday!  Let's talk wine

ISU Wine 2

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Do you prefer red or white?

A favorite kind of glass?

Personally, I love a good red, with two or three ice cubes, sipped from small mason jars.  But, I do have friends who swear by their white

This week I read about a study done right here at Iowa State

ISU Wine 3

When people poured white wine into a clear glass, they tended to pour 9% more than people who poured red into a clear glass.

When the glass was especially wide, white wine drinkers poured 12% percent more.  AND, if the person is holding their glass, as opposed to glasses that were placed on a table, it was even higher.

Bottom line:  White wine drinkers aren't messing around!


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