This Stinks .. Cool Down at a Popular Hot Sauce Factory

December 1, 2013

Calmly get up from your seat

Sriracha 3

Walk out the door

Proceed to the grocery, and begin stockpiling Sriracha

You still have time

A California judge on Tuesday ordered Huy Fong Foods to partially shut down its plant, in response to complaints from neighbors.  They say the spicy odor that accompanies production has left them with everything from inflamed asthma to reoccurring nosebleeds.


Sriracha 1

Now, personally, ketchup is about the hottest I can handle.  But lots of people I know have a personal love affair with adding heat to their meals

By the looks of our condiment shelve(s) my husband may just be one of them

I'm just sayin'

The latest ruling only requires a halt to those manufacturing processes that cause the offending odor, although it's unclear what parts that may be.  The company has warned a shutdown of any kind could cause both a shortage and spike in prices.

Sriracha 4

I've read the words “National Crisis.”

A petition to buy the residents of Irwindale noseplugs?

Bribe the judge with a lifetime supply?

This one will be interesting to follow

A couple of articles from The New Yorker or the LA Times


ps: There is even a Sriracha cookbook.  Who knew? 


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