Small Town Cafes

June 5, 2013

Do you have a favorite small town cafe?

Small Town Cafes - The Lincoln Cafe

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A treasure you stumble upon when you're road-tripping that adds depth to the story?  The lovely sense of nostalgia in your mind's eye ..

“Remember when we stopped at that local cafe and had .. ???  “

It's fun to have a husband who travels the state for his job.  I love to ride along and keep him company and one of my favorite things to do is eat at small-town cafes along the way

Last month we discovered the Lincoln Cafe in Mount Vernon.  Who knew it was famous?  Not us, until we made it home and I told a friend of my new favorite find.

“Really?  You got a table without a reservation?  That hardly EVER happens.  The place is so popular because the food is just THAT good.”

Lincoln Cafe -2

How very true.  We had a veggie burger with walnut pesto and the smoked trout salad.  Both were amazing.

They've been written about numerous times and featured on IPTV's Iowa's Simple Pleasure's Series.  If you happen to make your way to that part of the state, it's a must stop.

So I'm curious .. Treasures you've discovered along the way?  Places to stop on fun road trips?

Have the best Wednesday


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