National Men Make Dinner Day

November 7, 2013
National Men Make Dinner - Featured

Hail to the person who invented a national holiday for men to make dinner!

People Who Love to Eat

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Some of the BEST cooks I know are men

My three favorites?

My father – a Maestro at pancakes.  Hands down, the best

Pancakes 2

My husband – known for his simple, healthy, five-ingredient, or fewer meals, with incredible flavor.  That and his grilling.  Oh my, his grilling

Grilling 1

My brother – who travels all around the world with his sweet and funny wife

They have recipes from far away places, all with different stories to tell.  (Someday, when he dies, I hope he leaves that three-ring binder of his to me in his will)

World Traveler 1

There's even a website devoted to the day.  It has official rules, and a place to submit recipes; the whole thing

So, to all of the wonderful men out there, best be on the stick.

Women, do tell.  What are some of your favorite things those awesome men in our lives cook for us?


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