May 8, 2021

Stew in the oven, conversations laced with grace, and a truffle (or two) for breakfast .. a few things that have been happening in our world


The Struggle is Real – For anyone dealing with the longer-term symptoms of Covid, I send you vast amounts of empathy and the biggest hug.  I came down with Covid last fall and it's been attention-getting.  Especially, for me, the fatigue.  The past few months the days have felt mostly the same.  I get up in the morning, do the best I can at work, and climb back into bed around 6:30 or 7 pm.

Desperately Miss – writing into the wee hours of the morning.  The quiet of the night.

Grateful – For the vaccine.  I got my first shot two weeks ago, and have already noticed an uptick in energy.  I still go to bed like a toddler but am so very grateful for (abbreviated) evenings.

—  — —

Excited – We bought a house(!)  If all goes according to plan, we'll be moving in the middle of June.  While we've loved living downtown, somewhere along the way, I began to miss painting a wall, hanging curtains, and trips to Lowes.

When You Know, You Know – The hardwood floors, the creaky stairs, the gas stove in the kitchen, the backyard full of trees, lots of windows for kitty naps, and the prettiest space for my office.  Across the street is a walking/biking trail, and a yummy Mexican restaurant a couple of blocks down.

It feels so good to have something to look forward to.

Tips?  Friends, do you have any tips for moving houseplants?  We have so many that are either too big, too old (or both).  The nice lady from the moving company said “Ummm, yeah, you're on your own with all of those” 

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Proud – of myself for finishing my Java programming class this semester(!)  We took our final Thursday afternoon.  I was teetering precariously on the edge of an A.  Not sure if I held onto it or not, but I gave it my best shot nonetheless.

Fun Trivia – The first programmer was a woman.  Her name was Ada Lovelace and in 1843, she designed the first program using a punch card that ran on a mechanical computer.

— — —

ReadingHunter Biden's Memoir – Beautiful Things.  For any parent whose child has struggled with addiction, my heart still hurts thinking of President Biden chasing him down the driveway after a family intervention.  I thank him for his story.  One day at a time.

Jerry Cantrell – I could listen to him all day long.  What a legend.  So many cool stories – everything from meeting Willie Nelson, losing (and 18 years later) recovering the guitar Eddie Van Halen gave him, the years with Alice in Chains, and the passing of so many friends he's loved.

“We all start out emulating something .. And if you're lucky enough you become yourself.”     ~ Jerry Cantrell

Brené and Samin  Together.  Two of my favorites.  I greatly resonated with Samin when she talked about the cooking she's done (or not done) during the pandemic.  The basics, really.  Lots of things on toast.

Summer Cooking – looking forward to working my way through the incredible list of salads at Emily Nunn's Department of Salad

— — —

Happy Mother's Day – to all who are celebrating(!)  For those of us for whom it feels complicated, might I suggest some kind words from Anne Lamott.

Wishing – For you, a happy and peaceful week ahead.  As always, sending big hugs and lots of love.  Thanks so much for being here.


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