March 18, 2019
Lucy - January, 2019

(Lucy – January 2019)

From St. Patrick's Day fireworks outside my bedroom window, gluten-free scones from the corner bakery, and the first bike ride of the year that felt pretty great.  A few things that have been happening in my world ..


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Feeling – Sad, lost, lonely, and yet so very grateful.  After losing Lucy just a few short weeks ago.  I've been letting myself simply live through the grief.  Nothing seems normal without his larger-than-life personality.  I've lost my sweet shadow, and friend

Quiet – Without him, I especially notice the quiet.  A kitty always on a mission, weaving between, under, through piles of folded towels and sheets.  I find myself avoiding laundry day

Grateful – For my weighted blanket.  A gift from a friend who knew I was struggling with anxiety, especially after his passing.  At night, it feels like the biggest bear hug and is magically comforting

Inspired – By his incredible love for life, his acrobatics, and the decade(+) of joy he brought to our lives.  His ashes are on my desk, in his morning napping spot.  A reminder to carve out time in the day for things that make me smile.  That we're hard-wired for enjoyments, a tasty treat, afternoon naps, and belly scratches on the kitchen floor

My Daily Mission? – Leaving the door ajar for some fun

Loving Extra – Miss Nala.  Since his passing, we've hung onto each other pretty tight

Nala – March 2019

On Falling Asleep –  I'm hopelessly hooked on Headspaces's sleepcasts.  As someone who agonizes over random/awkward things I've said in social settings, ( and pretty much everything else ) they're so soothing at bedtime – something about the narrator's voices and tangential nature of it all.

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ReadingBad Blood.  The story of the massive fraud perpetrated by Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos.  It's fascinating(!)  Mostly, it's hard to believe the scam went on for so long.  ( There is also a podcast )

Related: For Library Lovers – Have you heard about Chrome's Library Extension?  Search for a book on your favorite book site (think Amazon or Goodreads) and it will tell you if the book is available at your local library ( + how many copies and in what format: hardcover, audio, e-book, etc)

Cooking – my way through a classic: Moosewood Restaurant's Daily Special.  A really great collection of soup and salad recipes, inspired by the original Moosewood restaurant.  Every day they offered two or three soups and the same number of salads.  Their “Daily Special” was a pick one of each combo.  An edible Garanimals kind of thing ( in the most delicious sort of way )

Lucky Find –  Wandering the aisles of the corner grocery, I discovered this and the spinach artichoke flavor has graced no less than three daily meals.  Eggs, chicken, rice, toast, potatoes, and salad

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Happy, But Mostly Proud – For finishing my studies at Hawthorn University.  I'm officially a Holistic Nutrition Consultant(!!)

Channeling Our Inner Super Heroes  – The gift I've been giving to all of the Wonder ( and Wonderful ) Women in my life

All Else – Leftover lemon blueberry loaf cake, extra frosting.  Dry erase portraits on the bathroom mirror, stacks of cooking magazines scattered happily around the living room.  A little girl at the library in the midst of a book, asking the greatest question I know

Why didn't she try?

Sending peace and wishes for Spring to your neck of the woods.

Happy March, friends


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