July 19, 2019

From love letters in the fridge to nature's confetti, tipping the guitaris, and chapter four whilst spitting out pits.  A few things that have been happening in our world


Eli – July 2019

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Last weekend, as my husband and I walked home from the coffee shop, we were tired and happy; the last glimmers of the day's light reflected off the buildings.  Our grandson strode beside us, gawking at a huge construction crane, and asking a million questions.  His face was sticky from ice cream; reminding us that he'd won at Sorry!  The only thing on my mind?

How very grateful I am for these peaceful summer days

Wondering – How can a five-year-old have so much energy?  Or am I simply getting older?  After depositing him at home, that night we went to sleep while it was still light out(!)   (“Please, tell me we aren't lame.  I haven't gone to bed this early since the 7th grade.”  –  “See you in the morning”)

Good For the Soul – Striped pjs, and teddy bears.

Trying – To be a good grandma

Trying (even harder) – To be a good mom/human to my grown-up kids; a place where their hearts feel safe.  In case they need a little reminder:  It's OK to say you're lonely; that your heart is sad.  It's OK to say, “Can you come and sit with me?  Watch the kids run around?”  I promise I'll say yes

Thinking – Little ones are following; may we lead well.

Loving – Living downtown.  Night walks on warm summer evenings; martini bar visits; Saturday mornings at the farmers market

Listening To – Midnight in Chernobyl  – The men who fought the fires after the first explosion, the mayor who tried to save her town, the families who watched loved ones suffer from radiation sickness, the politicians and officials who struggled to manage the disaster.  Such a great read.

Stumped – During trivia night – “What is the name of the dog on the Cracker Jack Box?”    (answer below)

Cooking – From the archives.  So many great recipes I'd (almost) forgotten about – Greek Yogurt Pancakes, Drip Beef Sandwiches, Rice Pudding, Tomato Soup

Adding to My SmoothiesWhole Body Collagen – My hair is growing like crazy, and I feel like the Tin Man after an oil job(!)

Looking Forward To – Labor Day weekend in New Orleans (+ a fun blogging event).

Looking Forward To (Even More) – Austin for a few days after

In Awe Of – The world's largest steam locomotive(!)  “Big Boy” – Union Pacific's locomotive No. 4014 came through Ames this week.  The restored 1941 steam engine is making a cross-country tour to celebrate the transcontinental railroad's 150th anniversary.  So, very, very cool

Video Credit – My husband, July 17, 2019 – Ames, Iowa

Feeling – Sappy and Nostalgic .. After migrating to a new plug-in, I've been updating the site's recipes.  (Mostly, I'm hopelessly lost reading old posts, and smiling at all of the memories) 

Encouraging – You, every night, to jot a sentence or two about something interesting you learned/did/saw throughout the day.  Tuck it away.  You’ll be amazed at how, years later, what you thought was ordinary was decidedly extraordinary.

Hoping – One day, my kids will read some of these words; over morning eggs, others over tears in bed.  Mostly because I want them to know, there's much to be said for self-control.  For wisdom.  For quiet strength.  And there's also much to be said for letting ourselves be seen.

Hoping they resist the narrative that deep breaths are a balm for heartache; that we weren't created to gasp into air masks alone.  Hoping they'll know that it's OK to disagree over pancakes and ask forgiveness over Sorry!  The world will not end.⠀

(It might even, instead, begin)⠀

Wishing – For you a wonderful summer weekend.  As always, sending lots of love.  Thanks so much for being here.


(Trivia Question: What is the name of the dog on the Cracker Jack Box?   Answer: Bingo)

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