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October 3, 2013
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Before I met Kate, I'd never eaten a crepe

Kate's Crepes 11

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Now, wherever I go, if they're on the menu, that's what I order

The only question being, Whatever to fill them with?

Kate's Sweet Crepes

They made their debut appearance at our food swap in March – Food From Around the World

I was lucky enough to bring home one of each.  A sweet and a savory.  I ate them at each of my meals the next couple of days until they were gone

True story; they were THAT good

Kate's Crepes 12

The thing about it is, they're quite simple, ingredient-wise.  A thin batter similar to that of a pancake and nothing complicated in the filling


Let's just say; I've developed a healthy reverence for this crepe making business.  It's all about technique.  A feel for the batter, prepping the pan, so they don't stick.  Not to mention the flip

Good heavens, the flip

If you ever lucky enough to come to a swap where she brings them, you're in for a real treat!

You can read more about Russian crepe making from the pro herself at her beautiful and hilarious blog



(ps:  Love her idea of a crepe party!  Note to self, talk to my husband.  A housewarming party with good friends, crepes, and wine?) 

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