October 3, 2013
Featured - Crepes

Before I met Kate, I'd never eaten a crepe

Kate's Crepes 11

Now .. wherever I go .. if they're on the menu .. that's what I order

The only question being ..

Whatever to fill them with?

Kate's Sweet Crepes

They made their debut appearance at our swap in March .. Food From Around the World

I was lucky enough to bring home one of each .. a sweet & a savory .. and ate them at each of my meals the next couple of days until they were gone

True story .. they were THAT good

Kate's Crepes 12

The thing about it is .. they're quite simple .. ingredient wise .. a thin batter .. similiar to that of a pancake .. nothing complicated in the filling


Let's just say I've developed a healthy reverence for this crepe making business .. it's all about technique .. a feel for the batter .. prepping the pan so they don't stick .. Not to mention the flip ..

Good heavens .. the flip

I've tried a few different times .. ahem

If you ever lucky enough to come to a swap where she brings them .. you're in for a real treat!

You can read more about Russian crepe making from the pro herself at her beautiful & hilarious blog ..


xoxo ..

(ps:  Love her idea of a crepe party! Hummmm … note to self .. talk to my husband .. housewarming party with good friends .. crepes & wine?) 

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