What Does the Inside of Your Fridge Say About You?

December 9, 2013
Whats In Your Fridge - Featured

I've never snooped through someone's bathroom cabinets

Short Order Cook |Marathon,TX |2-Person Household |She can be

Instead, I always open fridges

So, I loved this series of photos.  Jordan G. Teicher writes for Slate about photographer Mark Menjivar's series of fridge portraits

Taken in twenty different communities across the United States, with completely random people, in some cases returning to the same person's fridge to see how it changed four years after his first visit

(a lot can happen in 4 years)

You Are What You Eat 11

These time-lapse images are particularly compelling: a documentary filmmaker's fridge in 2008 is full of beer cans and condiments. Four years later, it's a barer fridge, but the basic elements: wine, vermouth, and now yogurt now hold steady.

A midwife's 2008 fridge is devoted to locally grown produce.  Four years later, the same person, now a business consultant, has a fridge chock-a-block with packaged food.

I wondered why there are eggs and butter in the fridge of the person who runs a vegan bakery? (Not a judgment.. )

Bartender, 2008, left, and 2012, right

The full series, on Menjivar's website, also shows one-off images.  The bare shelves of a street advertiser on a $432 fixed monthly income

And what about the freezer of a short-order cook with a snake coiled on an upper shelf!  Yikes, he must not live with a girl

The series is strange, surprising, and startlingly intimate.  I couldn't stop clicking through them

Would you dare show yours?

Happy Monday


ps:   I wonder about photographing refrigerator doors as well?  Pictures, magnets, etc .. 

pps:  In the spirit of fridge photos, here's ours, unedited, the day after yesterday's food swap

Our Fridge December 9 2013


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