Honey, I Adopted an Olive Tree

December 29, 2013
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What an idea, adopting an olive oil tree

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Further evidence of the world's flatness.  Essentially an international CSA.  A way to collaborate with an olive tree farmer to become part of his operation, providing him a bit of financial security, while sharing in the final product.

Nudo, located mainly in Italy's central-eastern region of Le Marche, is one of the of the most popular.  From its beautiful website, you're able to scroll through their orchards filled with trees that are up for adoption.

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It's fun to look at the picture of each tree and read a short biography of the farmer, along with a description of the oil they produce

Once you've located the perfect tree and completed the adoption process, you'll receive three packages throughout the year.  Two with oil from the olives yours produced, and one with a personalized adoption certificate and a booklet about the tree.

Best of all, they sweeten the deal.  You're able to go to the orchard, meet the farmer, and give your tree a hug.  It's all true.

Hard to think of a better excuse to visit Italy.

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Now, Nudo isn't the only company in the tree adoption business.  Also in Italy is Abruzzo Passion, Finca Vall den Rubi  in Spain

If you'd rather adopt closer to home, there are also programs in the US.

One such place is in Texas!  Yep, near the town of Dripping Springs is Texas Hill Country Olive Company, a family-run olive farm with five different types of trees.

For California lovers, Olivas de Oro will be on your shortlist

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When it comes to olive oil enthusiasts, I'm not certain value is measured in dollars and cents.  When the first shipment arrives in the spring, adoptive parents receive a treasure — the olives hanging in the tree just four months before.

I didn't realize, but legislation in the US demands that “best before” dates only be applied upon bottling.  With most big olive oil brands selling products having been stored in tanks for a year or two, maybe even more.  Customers never experience the real benefits of fresh, healthy, flavorful olive oil.

To be honest, I'm curious what it will taste like.

Have the best of Sundays


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