Handwritten Recipes (With a Twist)

October 21, 2013
Handwritten-Recipes - Featured

Have you heard of the blog Handwritten Recipes?

Handwritten 3 - Rum Sauce

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From the title alone, you'd never guess its interesting twist.  What a fun find!

The featured recipes are anything but ordinary.  They happen to have been discovered, tucked inside completely unrelated books

Each begs a back-story

Did a neighbor drop by with a recipe?  Was it solicited or forced on the cook and relegated to bookmark status?  A husband reading while enjoying the morning's coffee, marking his place with the cookie recipe instead of a scrap of paper?

Handwritten - Mince Meat

The world may never know, but it sure is fun to speculate

Some seem to go together naturally.  The Thesaurus of Humor or the book with cocktail recipes tucked inside.  I bet there were some great stories from that night!

Handwritten 2 - Humor Thesaurus & Cocktails

Others make you go hummm ….

Like a fudge recipe on the back of a memorandum from the D&H Railroad, found in “Starburst” by Frederick Pohl.

Handwritten 4 - Fudge


Handwritten 5 - Fudge

(ps:  Wouldn't it make for a great book club idea.  Read a book from the list and make the associated recipe?)

Have a Happy Tuesday!


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