Grandmas From Around the World + Their Favorite Dishes

November 14, 2013
World Grandmas - Featured

Oh, how I love this Delicatessen with Love


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A series of photographs by Gabriele Galimberti that show grandmas from around the world, alongside their signature dishes.

What an honor to those who've given lots of love, big hugs, and passed along their culinary skills through their delicious home cooking.

Now, whether or not your grandma WAS a good cook, it doesn't much seem to matter.  Isn't it the memories of being at Grandma's house that really stick?

Delicatessen With Love 1

I couldn't help but smile as I flipped through the series.  A bit of unexpected nostalgic happiness came over me

Because what would the holidays be without a home-cooked meal?


ps:  I wonder how many of Grandma's recipes will be making an appearance at our next food swap featuring Holiday Traditions 

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