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April 12, 2014

You never quite know ..

When a driveway moment will hit


(chart from .. Gluten-Free 101 with Chef Kendra Peterson .. here )

The puppies & I listened to NPR as we made our way across town .. dropping them off for their afternoon at daycare.

Fresh Air's Terry Gross was just beginning her interview with two cookbook authors from America's Test Kitchen. Their mission? A response to the number one request from their loyal fans .. “Please .. please .. please .. will you create gluten-free recipes for us?”

I'll tell you what .. their efforts are nothing short of impressive .. for some recipes at least 100 (!) different batches were made before they got it “right”    Not only did they re-make the classics .. but also taste-tested many of the gluten-free products found on grocery store shelves


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What fascinated me most was the science behind it all .. What exactly IS gluten? How does it work to give our baked goods structure? When it's not present .. how is it best replaced? After all .. a birthday cake just wouldn't be the same if it's flat as a hockey puck

The puppies looked at me as we sat outside ..“Aren't we going in?”

I feverishly wrote in my notebook .. One can cook brown rice in the oven? What is the best gluten-free bread to buy? If one uses this flour .. it's best to add which (?) starch alongside. What are the flavors each of the flours can impart? Gluten-free goods stale much more quickly .. really?

Of course an Amazon purchase was in order .. here .. along with Gluten-Free Everyday .. here


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A few links to other articles I've found interesting ..

  • A primer on gluten-free baking ingredients .. from Epicurious .. here
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And of course .. a couple of great blogs devoted to the subject

  • GlutenFreeOnAShoestring .. here 
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Have a Happy Saturday!


ps:  I'd really be interested in hearing some of the cookbooks you've been using .. blogs you love .. and thoughts on the subject 

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