The End of the Waffle House

November 22, 2013

“This had been his place for 16,767 mornings.  None ever felt like this”

The Waffle House 3

If you haven’t yet read the story of the closing of The Waffle House in Bloomington, Indiana.  Take a few minutes; it’s an absolute must

The bittersweet tale of changing times and the lives that are affected, written by an Indiana University senior Jessica Contrara, as she paid homage to the end of a local establishment

Instead of focusing on the aroma of the waffles

The Waffle House 2

She went out and talked to the regulars.  Caring enough to learn the stories of those who had made Waffle House a part of their routine

What an intimate slice of life

If you have a favorite coffee shop/haunt/dive bar that is all yours, you can’t help but relate

It was all about walking into a place where the fastest moving thing would be the coffee pouring into your cup.

The Waffle House 5

No matter what was going on in the world outside, no matter how your life was changing the Waffle House would be there.  Along with the smell, fake plants and ceiling cracks

Always open, always the same

The story can be found at the Indiana Daily’s website


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    […] The End of the Waffle House – If you went to Bloomington back when I did and you ever needed caffeine and grease at three in the morning, you probably remember this place, which unfortunately closed in 2013 and is probably now a bunch of condos. […]

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