Dear Sam // 10 Months Old

September 21, 2016
Dear Sam - Sam and Little Z - September 17, 2016

“These are the days of the endless summer

These are the days; the time is now 

Dear Sam - Baby Feet

Cute Tootsies!

There is no past; there's only future.

There's only here; there's only now”     ~ Van Morrison

“OK trusty co-pilot, ready to go?  We've gotta go drivin' and driven' to see baby Sam.”   Little Z cocked his head from side to side.  

“It's going to be a great day; you just wait.  The sun is shining; we've got water, snacks, and a good book for listening.  What more could a puppy need?  He rode shot-gun only a few miles, before settling in for his long morning's nap

Dear Sam, How can we stop the time from passing so quickly?  It's been nearly two months since my last visit.  None the less, there we were, together at last, on the most beautiful of September days

Maybe I'm more aware because there are new puppies at Grandma's house, but babies Sam, you sure have a way of shaking things up.  No matter how prepared we parents think we are, the reality is

we're not

Dear Sam - JD and Sam

Feet Tickles

“Oh, you're smiling face, your gracious presence.

The fires of spring are kindling bright

Oh the radiant heart and the song of glory

Crying freedom into the night”     ~ Van Morrison

It's not all bad though, the more I've muddled though, the more convinced I've become that there's a certain beauty that comes with being in-over-your-head

You see, when you're in-over-your-head, at some point, your mind switches to autopilot.  There's no over-thinking, no strategizing, no attempts to control the scenario with a game plan and a to-do list

It's simply you and your heart

But I look at you Sam and know that we're not alone.  You're in over your head as well.  The days filled with learning, re-learning, boundaries, change, and growth.

So I watch you too, as you lead with your heart.  With everyone doing their best to follow along

What a joy it was to spend the day with the three of you.

Your new apartment is cozy, sunny, and happy.  Your dad makes the best tea, which we sip while chatting about lifting weights, the power of gratitude, and books on his nightstand.  Your mom Sam, she's one smart cookie.  Did you know she's started school? There's a sparkle in her eye when she talks about her classes.

Dear Sam - Markie and Sam

“These are the days by the sparkling river

His timely grace and our treasured find

This is the love of the one magician

Turned the water into wine”     ~ Van Morrison

We had a picnic at the arboretum, under the shade of a pecan tree.  You crawled around in the grass, while Z hopscotched in-between us (did you know he goes in circles .. all .. of .. the .. time?).

And here's what I know.  You, Sam, are one of the strongest threads that hold your family together.  The way your parents look at you, I can see in love in their eyes, and that they owe you so much.

You can't speak in complete sentences, but still, you've whispered perspective into their ears.  You've taught flexibility, patience, kindness, and changed (us all) for the good.  Although you can't yet run, you've shown us all that sometimes running  requires a huge leap of faith

at the starting line

Dear Sam - JD, Markie and Sam

“These are the days of the endless dancing

And the long walks on the summer night

These are the days of the true romancing

When I'm holding you, oh, so tight”     ~ Van Morrison

We ready ourselves for the goodbyes as you dance with your Dad, your baby buns as chubby and cute as your toes.

I wish I could tell you how proud I am of your parents Sam.  I love them both so very much.  Maybe one day you'll know the stories of the journeys they've taken.  They've been messy and loopy, with i's that weren't always dotted and forgotten crosses to their t's.

But that's the thing with messy stories Sam; it makes our today's a hundred times more beautiful.  Especially when they're smudged with the slobber of faith, courage, and unconditional love

Thank you little one for such a wonderful day.  Thank you for your sweet and peaceful spirit and your ready smile.  Thank you for the joy you've brought to our family.


“These are the days by the sparkling river

And His timely grace and the treasured find

This is the love of the one great magician

Turned the water into wine”     ~ Van Morrison


“These are the days now that we must savor

And we must enjoy as we can

These are the days that will last forever

You've got to hold them in your heart”     ~ Van Morrison

I love you

xoxo .. Grandma

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    These posts are such a lovely way to keep track of Sam’s changes over the months and how amazing for him to look back on in years to come.

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