Conversations at the Tattoo Parlor

September 24, 2013

A random Monday afternoon in September, I find myself

Tattoo Parlor

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At a tattoo parlor on a small-town Iowa Mainstreet

Yes.  It happened, a true story

They're interesting destinations, these places that put ink on your body with needles.  Walls covered in drawings, old-timey pin-up girl calendars, and lots of other pictures that would make lesser women blush (or not)

They also say things like “Uh, make sure you're going to like it because you'll have it The .. Rest .. of .. Your .. Life”


Tattoo Parlor 2

When my turn came, I put out my wrist, looked the other way, and to pass the time we talked about

Cooking, of course!

My tattoo companion is just learning.  Hummm .. what do you make when you're just getting started? What do you need to stock your first kitchen?

“Done yet?”

“Not quite.”

OK, since you never have money at first, let's move on to cheap meals and basic spices

“I thought you said I'd be done in ten?”

“It's only been five.”


Tattoo Parlor 5

So what does one eat for dinner the night they get their first tattoo?

“Something totally daring, of course.  I think you're finished.”

And just like that, the entire thing was over.

Driving home, I had to wonder what the stats are on 40 (ish) cookbook reading women gracing their shop.  Never mind that, what naughty but healthy dish is going to be for dinner?

To be continued


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