The Clean Plate Club

December 3, 2013

I've discovered a fun new podcast

The Clean Plate Club 1

Every week, food blogger Adam Roberts, (The Amateur Gourmet) and filmmaker Craig Johnson host a dinner party.  Recording the conversation in real-time, for better or worse

Invited is one guest from the world of food and one from the world of non-food

It's a hoot

The Clean Plate Club 2

Now, if you're into podcast perfection, this isn't it

Sometimes the voice quality leaves a bit to be desired, or someone talks with their mouth full (Sounds just like home to me)

But the guests are great!

They've interviewed bloggers, cookbook authors, food critics, restaurant reviewers, famous chefs, editors, and creators of shows devoted to culinary adventures

Pretty much anything can and will be discussed, with recipes posted on Adam's blog afterward

The Clean Plate Club 3

I tell you what, on the nights when I'm awake in the wee hours of the am working or studying, it sure is nice to have something playing in the background

That makes me smile


ps:  You can download it from iTunes

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