Church Lady Pie

July 30, 2013

We can't let the week of RAGBRAI pass us up without talking about Church Lady Pie.


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Honestly, is there anything better?

You can get your fix

At any church along the route (every one of them) from big to small, have their doors wide open.  Basements painted in shades of pastel lined with long brown tables

The supply of colorful pie on pretty white plates seems endless


Or along the side of the road


Smack dab in the middle of the town square


Aren't the small-town city squares around Iowa the best?


Every kind you can imagine are represented: rhubarb, pumpkin cherry, apple, peach, lemon, custard

I can't help but think


Wouldn't it be fun to take my camera and go behind the scenes of the Iowa Church Lady pie making collective?  To examine their well-oiled machine, learn the process, and identify the random stats

Things like

How many woman hours are spent on the pies?

How much flour, butter, sugar, filling, fruit, whipped cream, disposable tin pie containers are used in Iowa in July each year?  Are their husbands in pie heaven as the wives prep?  Can you imagine?

Do they share their recipes?

Are there even recipes to be written down?  Or after such a long time, do they just instinctively KNOW what to do?

pie cartoon

Where do they store all things pie?  I imagine fridges all across the state bursting at the seams

What kind sells the best?

Do they dream of pie for weeks after?

How much can they help others with their proceeds?

Church Lady Pie 5

If you've ever braved RAGBRAI?  Do you have a favorite pie?



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