Next Issue – Are You a Cooking Magazine Junkie?

May 30, 2013

I love cooking magazines.  Probably to a fault

NextIssue - My Favorite iPad App - for Cooking Magazines

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The title is of no matter.  Topics?  Anything beautiful and related to food, I'm a sucker for.

You'll often find me in Target, all the way at the end of the longest line.  Behind the people with carts full to the brim, small odds, and ends that take forever to ring up, your basic nightmare if you're in a hurry,  or even remotely on the other side of cranky.

I'll be thumbing through the latest cooking magazine, waiting for inspiration to come upon me.

More often than not, something will seal the deal.  A beautiful picture, the promise of the perfect meal, or an interesting ingredient.  Whatever it is in the moment that makes the magazine find it's way across the scanner, and home to take its place on my desk.

The stack builds and builds.  I DO cook from them.


So when I discovered the NextIssue App, clutter be gone!  All my favorites are available, right at my fingertips in digital form.  For one monthly service, I can not only read the latest edition of all my favorites but their back issues as well.

Bon Appetit, Cooking Light, Eating Well, Food and Wine, Food Network Magazine, Saveur, Vegetarian Times, not to mention a whole lot of others one reads while eating all the yummy things they've whipped up.

The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, or any other of the 80+ that are available.

No more clutter.  Trips to Target have gotten much shorter, and a whole host of cooking magazines are with me wherever I go.  Without any of the carrying-things-around hassle.



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