An Iowa Summer

August 18, 2020
Here's the thing

Because sometimes I forget.  Especially during these past few months, when our worlds have become small, the days often look the same, and the stress can feel debilitating.

We are not here on this vast green earth to power through alone.  No.  We are here for one thing, and one thing alone: each other.⠀

May we never forget to include a margin for others, for the joys life still offers.  Make the effort to be a bit more creative during a pandemic.  To answer the door at the most inconvenient of times.  To say “yes” to late-night sleep-overs

2 am:  “Grandma, I love you.”

“I love you too, Sweetie.  Maybe we could go back to sleep?” 

To console the kitty, “Where's my human?”   To babysit the sweetest (and blind) poodle.  To bake the just-because cookies; deliver them to someone we don't understand

May we ask the person scanning our groceries about her tattoo; listen to her answer.  Hold the umbrella.  Visit the friend, wondering, “How much more am I supposed to hold?”  Mail the card.  Gift the book.

Offer your son a ride home; remember why he's one of your favorite people.  Pray for everyone who lost so much in last week's storm.

Smile at the people picnicking next to you at the drive-in theatre.  Marvel at summer sunsets; how good melty ice cream and buttery popcorn taste.

May we resist the urge to let these challenging days and months successfully whittle down our lives.  Instead, may we consider a few priorities: the element of surprise, sweat on our brow, and good old-fashioned inconvenience for the sake of another.⠀

(All others)⠀
(Every single other)⠀

That, indeed, will be a weekend well spent.

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