About Me


We all have our own journeys .. do we not?

The path that leads us to where we are today ..

Some are straight-forward highways, if you will .. defined as easy, or maybe more socially acceptable by the world’s standards .. others .. winding paths through life’s side streets & back-end dive bars

In the end .. I’m not convinced it matters .. other than somehow we’ve arrived .. the sum total of it all .. hopefully a little smarter ..a little wiser .. charting a course of getting, as my favorite yoga instructor would say, just a millimeter better every day

Winding Road 1

A Bit More About Me

There’s a season of my life .. etched into my spirit .. a period in which I made a course correction … if that phrase can even do it justice .. somehow it was much more profound

For the longest time .. my story was ..

.. the details are of no matter .. it wasn’t for lack of trying .. quite the contrary .. but let’s just say I couldn’t get it to click

Until one afternoon .. I’ll never forget it ..

I sat across from someone who said to me .. “What .. what do you want your life to be?”

Change 1

I started to say .. and then had to pause .. and then started to say again .. somehow i thought the words would be at the ready .. it was such a basic question .. please .. wouldn’t everyone know the answer?

I sat there .. waiting for the words to come .. frustrated that they wouldn’t .. then feeling small because i was .. 40 ish .. and really didn’t have a clue

I’d been drifting along .. waiting for the next thing to happen .. trying to please everyone .. never charting a course for myself .. never occurred to me that i COULD

So that night when I sat alone .. at my computer in the dark .. I started a document .. Must Change Life

I still have it to this day .. to remind me how far I’ve come

Love Yourself

On the first line i wrote .. if i could have a life .. any life .. what would i like it to look like? On my own terms .. with no consideration for what anyone thought .. but a life that made me terribly happy

Over the course of the next week .. words were typed ..and a few more .. and a few more.. .. until in the end I had a list .. it was short .. and it was mine

I started to feel excited .. and as the days wore on .. determined .. purposed ..

A few years later

I’ve done it .. all are in some state of motion ..

Is it 100% .. nah .. and that’s ok .. who wants perfection anyway? That’s not a life that’s real .. but I figure if I’m moving in the right direction 90% of the time .. it’ll be OK

List Item Number 2:  Take off some weight & be healthy .. Not have it be an issue in my life anymore .. it’s owned way to many of my thoughts for far to long .. its time .. this is just dumb

You Are Beautiful 1

List Item Number 4:  I want people in my life .. Not just people .. but GOOD people .. who are good for me .. and good to me .. people who are interesting & challenging .. people who are out in the world with a passion of doing for others

So I found the best fitness program in the world .. was coached by a couple of wonderful women .. who I’m proud to call friends .. and caught the health bug.

Because I’ve always loved to cook .. healthy meals were a natural by-product .. because I lived alone and wanted some different meals in my fridge .. a community food swap was born .. because of the swap I started to meet more terribly interesting and cool people ..

which brings me to ..

Live Out Loud

List Item Number 5:  Live Out Loud in a Way that’s Honest

I don’t ever want to go back .. I want to continue along the healthy path I’ve chosen .. want to continue to surround myself with the kinds of people I’ve met as a result .. and I want to do it out loud in a way that’s honest

Welcome to my blog ..




  • Reply Lucy August 18, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    What an awesome assesment! I m glad I am your friend!

  • Reply Nati March 11, 2018 at 4:54 am

    this is so inspiring! Thank you, it’s just what I needed to read right now.

  • Reply Laurie July 13, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    Wow I want to hire you as a life coach! All of the above statements resonate with my thinking. I have felt drawn to change for a few years now but I haven’t done much about it. Although I can happily say my health journey begin several years ago but my my mind needs to follow!

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