30 Squats to Ride the Subway in Moscow?

November 18, 2013

Best start perfecting your squats if you want to ride the subway in Moscow

Moscow Subway Squats

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How cool is this?!

If you live in Moscow, your commute can now include a brief fitness session!

As a way to promote the upcoming 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, subway stations in Moscow have added new machines that let passengers do 30 squats for a subway ticket.  The number isn't arbitrary.  A ride costs 30 rubles, and each squat is worth one.

ps:  Make sure you drop it low because the fancy ticket machine can tell if you're cheating.  Yikes!

Moscow Subway Squats 2

But it gets better

This handy machine is one part of a larger campaign.  Moscow officials and Russian Olympic Committee have installed a bunch of exercise-related, reward-based activities all around the city

Think bus handles turned into resistance bands, stationary bikes that charge your cell phone

Wonder what you'd get for 50 push-ups?

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