10 Fun Kitchen Gadgets

November 18, 2016

There are a few things in the kitchen that we'd be lost without


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I drink a lot of water and love my jumbo ice cubes.  My husband, on the other hand, is a coffee guy who swears by his Aquaovo thermos (which keeps drinks steaming hot or cold for hours). Then there's the Vitamix, for pulverizing pretty much anything into afternoon smoothies

Certainly, there was life before these gadgets, and there will be life after.  But it's hard to deny the extra layer of joy and comfort they bring to our daily routine.

Thought it might be fun today to share a few of our other favorite non-essential, yet indispensable kitchen tools

iGrill Mini – It was inevitable, grilling can now be managed via our phones.  A simple remote thermometer that's easy to set up has app support built-in, and a range of 60 feet

Avocado Slicer – The $10 tool that's changed my avocado toast snacking life.  Certainly one could do the same thing with a knife and spoon, but using this is far more fun

Chocolate/Ice Chipper –  If you often make recipes calling for a lot of chopped chocolate (think your favorite chocolate chip cookies), this is for you.  It can also be used to chop ice and is great for breaking big chunks of cheese into shards

My Favorite Spiralizer – I like the Paderno because of its hand crank.  Simply snap the blade into the slicer, secure a veggie to the prongs, turn the crank, and push.  It's great for dense veggies (think carrots, beets, potatoes, and turnips), as well as zucchini, onions, and even apples

Cake Leveler –  When making a multi-layered birthday cake, you can trim the dome off with a long serrated knife.  Although if your eye isn't the best, there's a cake leveler.  It also comes in handy when splitting one layer into two.


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Lekue Cooking Mesh – Not the type of kitchen tool I'd normally use, but I've found it indispensable.  The concept is simple, a mesh bag that holds food and goes straight into boiling water.  It's now easy to transfer food all at once from the water to an ice bath, and a long draw-string keeps your fingers away from the heat

Oil Mister – Makes infusing olive oil with your favorite herbs and spices fun and easy.  Plus, no more cooking spray(!)

Mastrad Silicone Egg Poacher – I love poached eggs, and these are a breeze to use.  The handle makes them easy to remove, and they take up no room in my ever-overflowing drawer.  I'm usually not a fan of silicone tools, but these are cheap and effective

Flexible Jar Openers – One of my favorite gadgets of all time. I received mine as a Secret Santa gift way back when, and couldn't live without them

The Granny Fork – Julia Child loved this tool.  For less than $10 it does a multitude of things from stirring to serving

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