Have a Peaceful (and Delicious) Weekend

March 2, 2018

From crossword puzzles while the eggs cook .. to windblown hearts .. to finding the missing bone in the dishwasher .. a few things that have been happening in our world


Sipping – Golden milk .. which I'm just getting on board with.  Better late than never?

Favorite App – Way of Life .. it's great for tracking habits .. is really simple to set up .. and will even create beautiful charts & graphs.  A few on my list?  Minutes spent walking .. yoga .. weight lifting .. no sugar .. meditation .. and “today have I treated myself the way I would a friend?”

For DinnerWedge salads nearly every night this week.  Oh my goodness, they're so addicting

ReadingHeating & Cooling: 52 Micro-Memoires and I Wrote This Because I Love You (which I downloaded after I listened to the funny interview with the author on Fresh Air)

Feeling Hopeful – We're (thinking) about buying a house that suits us a little better.  So we're going to look at a couple this weekend

Loving – Walks outside.  The weather in Iowa went from cold and dreary last week to the mid-forties and sunny.  It feels like heaven.  Today, between my morning and afternoon walks, I greeted four people, six dogs, two stray kitty cats and a little kid on a Spiderman bike

Guilty pleasure – Salty pretzels, honey roasted peanuts, milk chocolate shavings in creamy coconut yogurt.  The only trick is having the willpower to eat just a little bit.  So, so good

For more sensible snacking – Michelle Tam's PB&J Energy Balls (Paleo) and the Pioneer Woman's Deviled Eggs.  All in all, they're both a very good idea

Reminding Myself –  To be fearless when it comes to cooking for others.  Certainly, it'll wreak havoc on the dish pile .. but it's far more nourishing than ordering carry-out.  (Keep a box of mac & cheese in the pantry if the grandkids don't like the tuna casserole .. but whatever .. they'll love the tuna casserole)

Mantra for the week – From Dana James on self-worth

Can't stop thinking aboutThe Startling Link Between Sugar and Alzheimers and A Sleep Scientist Warns About Walking Through Life in an Underslept State     [via The Atlantic and NPR]

Always with me – My notebook.  Daily, minutely, it seems.  At home, it sits next to the apples and a few bruised avocados. Otherwise, my jacket pocket.  A neighbor asks if I write lists so I don't forget things at Target, and I tell her yes, but also so I don't forget to go to Target.  She smiles, knowingly

Wondering – What to do when our cat turns into a terrorist.  Every once in a while, I notice all of the other pets have gone deep into hiding.  “Do you want a treat?  How about a toy?  Maybe a nap on the electric blanket?”  With each suggestion his fur rises a bit more, his ears point further back.  I turn away.  He bites me on the leg.  A trail of blood on the carpet as I shoo him into the bathroom.  A half-hour later he offers a quiet meow, gathers himself, and purrs

A grown man off to start his day

Have you seen?Fargo (one of Rolling Stone's greatest tv shows of all time) We've stayed up way too late so many nights to watch “just 15 more minutes” and then “just 15 minutes more”

Also watchingDavid Letterman's My Guest Needs No Introduction or one of the 100 best movies on Netflix (if we're stumped for ideas)

While I'm driving – I think about The Pope's wisdom about driving.  We're all the “artisans of the common good”

Remembering –  A spritz of lavender .. and an ice-cold drink of water on even the most frenzied of days.  Also sunshine .. a warm shower .. and a kiss from your husband.  Simply don any air mask you've got and breathe it all in

Wishing – For you a wonderful weekend.  As always, sending lots of love.  Thank you so much for being here ..



(Featured Image Photo Credit:  Instagram – @thealmondeater)


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